We Simply Are Not Communicating Effectively – The Metrix Say So

Effectively: Since 2000, U.S. gross domestic product lost $16 trillion as a result of discriminatory practices in a range of areas, including education and access to business loans, according to a new study by Citigroup.

Dana Peterson as Chief Economist shares her insights on Bloomberg Equality.

Dana’s extensive knowledge of both the US and global economy, combined with her corporate and government experience, make her uniquely suited to lead The Conference Board’s award-winning Economy, Strategy & Finance Center,” said Steve Odland, President and CEO of The Conference Board. “As Chief Economist, Dana will provide immense value to both our members and society by delivering trusted insights for what’s ahead. I’d also like to thank Dr. Bart van Ark who has been our Chief Economist for the past dozen years and wish him good luck in his next venture.”

“For more than 100 years – and especially now, amid vast economic upheaval – The Conference Board has provided indispensable guidance to businesses around the world,” noted Peterson. “I look forward to continuing and further elevating its invaluable mission, and doing so with an incredibly smart, passionate group of people.

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