What have you done to sustain your level of performance in…(finish the sentence).

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In psychology, we call it client interaction! In sports, we call it drills! In theatre, we refer to it as rehearsing! In law and medicine, we practice and in the military, we refer to it as field exercises. Life demands proficiency when it comes to upping our game and establishing a sense of competency. Just as in project management there are levels of collaboration that must be fully realized or the team does not work efficiently. Check the interaction of a pit crew and you realize that those split-second interactions of one member completing their role while a former move out of the way and a successor has placed themselves in a position to execute their part, is not by route memory. They are acutely aware of the environment, the team members move and they use sensory perception to recognize pending danger. Note, we have not included the level of proficiency needed to even be considered as a part of the team.

Difficult in life, challenges at work and the unspoken demands of loved ones are all the same. They measure your proficiency to engage, sustain and deliver desired results for those we love, work with and volunteer to work around. Performance is not a data point! Check it. Let’s chat

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