Have you seen Jamie Lee in the movie POWER? A very powerful, driving, an adrenaline-injected portrayal of science getting into the wrong hands. Yet, the decisions the characters make exemplify the nature of the person. Have you seen the behaviour of others that are opposed to the well-being of others? Of course, you have. Now turn that psychological arrow on yourself.

In sales, your greatest POWER is walk-away power!

When guiding a child, your greatest POWER is accountability!

As you craft a relationship your POWER is reliability!

Building a business, your POWER is sticktoitiveness!

The last time you were ill and had to seek medical attention, your POWER was your will to get better!

Can you remember the POWER you exhibited when you saved nature’s best, animals, from sure death?

The Power you shared with another human when they were in need of a soul mate!

What is your POWER?

Check in to these emotions, they are what mental strength and inner fortitude consist of. It does not need recharging.

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Ronald M. Allen