What Resistance to Change?

What Resistance to Change?

Resistance to change is due to an inappropriate perspective brought about by a failure in communications…a sense of being left out.

Whether it is a conversation with your child, an employee issue or a ‘wicked change event’, the lack of interaction sets the stage for failure. Kim Giffin & Bobby R. Patton co-authored the book, Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication, Harper & Row 1971. As much as they focused on the “lines of interaction” it is these very basic and fundamental aspects of communication that support a winning experience across cultural, nationality and especially time spans that favor or rebuke one perspective over another.

So how do I mitigate resistance? Inclusion early and consistently throughout the iterations a project moves through. After all and with all the good intentions and processes and methodologies ‘people’ still create, develop and produce the results. Partly to blame is our educational bases. I refer to the pedagogy system of instruction. If that is what you know then based up today’s adult needs, resistance is the order of the day. Advance to the construct brought to the attention of leaders know as “andragogy” and your now of the right mind set to set the stage for success. Moving on to “heutagogy” and embracing the input of your people and you have a win-win-win-win situation. If we continue to think of change as hard work, difficult and undesirable, then it is just that.

If we begin to understand where these constructs come from and address them before they raise their presence, you will find ‘people’ respond favorably to your including their contribution, thoughts and actions. The phases, “their intellectual capital will flow freely”, as reported by Dr. Nick Bontis, Director of the Institute for Intellectual Capital Research (1998). Understanding the underlying current of interest in a change initiative will serve us well in finding common grounds of mutual benefit.

Remember the pied piper!

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