Who in your life was not surprised to see your improvement?

In many situations, we find ourselves in a tendency to panic without first assessing the situation, taking stock of how we got to where we are. A third resource many people do not take into consideration is the relationships we have with people around us. Not only those that we are close with, moreover, those that we work with, volunteer time with and or sit on committees and know through our social meanderings. By speaking with these resources in the right way, note I said ‘speaking with’ and not to, is the sensitivity required to optimise your desired results. Asking for help in the right way is crucial. So many of us barge into the conversation and expect those we address to respond favourably. Then get more upset when rebuffed or scolded for our inappropriate advances. Very much like an attempt to ask for a Date?

True Friends Help You Balance.
Have you taken a prior account of those that wish you well, those that are working to support
you whenever you are around them? in other words, asking about your welfare in many ways, these are the people who are not surprised, moreover, encouraged by your ability to stay the course when life gets rough., and rough life will get! Their presence around you enables you to balance your own emotions while providing them with a sense of common interest in addressing life’s challenges.

Efforts Support Purpose.
Oh, by the by, ask them why they are not surprised and you will learn a thing or two about yourself. Hence reinforcing your self-worth, your self-efficacy which subconsciously is confirmation back to them by way of affirming their efforts are being positively used. Quite the opposite of a doom loop, this is a flywheel effect which is characteristic of the accumulation of little wins that stack up over years of goodwill. Something like the line item on a Balance Sheet, called Good Will that forge meaningful relationships over time.

Managing change through effective communications builds real supportive relationships…and healthy,  sustainable business!

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Who in your life was not surprised to see this improvement?


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