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You Are Alone…Except – Part Four

I worked with a colleague for three years when I received a message that she had passed. Inquiring how and if the family needed any help I was told that if I could provide some guidance so the surviving family members could stay in their home. They knew I was in the mortgage banking field for some time and felt I could be trusted.

When I went over to provide help I learned that she was removed from a senior post and was advised that because of the new guard that was established he should seek life else where. Her challenge was that she had committed herself to moving up the corporate ladder with this particular company. She had invested a great amount of time, education and networked with a number of colleagues to gain the position she had attained. Now with the changes that took place she was not on the inside of those they deemed critical to the success of the business. Thirty days later she had committed suicide.

Are we that disconnected that we feel alienated as soon as an element of our social construct is altered, removed or a change is realized?

I believe our family, our societal connections and theological teachings can takes us only so far in life. There is a point that we must assess who and what we are then test the waters of life for our own evaluation of what serves us best.

Drawing from nature the Baobab tree has a wide circumference and deep root system. A combination of weeping willow and oak tree. We certainly can go the way of theoretical models and expand on one’s social learning theory, reinforcement principles, interpersonal theory, learned helplessness and cognitive emotional development models. Yet what is needed most is connectivity with one another on a meaningful level. Slowdown and listen to one another. Listen out for one another. Listen out with one another. You just might hear your own expression for help.

I wrote these posts and attached these infographics from the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) because I have lost many family members across different generations to a belief of helplessness, lack of self worth and simply not being seen. I sincerely hope you never have to experience this kind of hopelessness on all sides.

NAMI-You-Are-Not-Alone-FINAL January 22 2020

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