Your Perspective On Life is Keyed Into Your Financial Competency

Take a look at this address…33 Foxborne Road, Tooting Bec, London, England and have a guess at its value back in 1956 – £5,600. Now research its appreciation to today, anywhere from 1.2Mil to 1.8Mil. Who knew? Oh, by the way, that was my parent’s first home they acquired after immigrating to England and subsequently selling it back in 1992 to move to America.

I have been told that due to my birth date, I fall into a category commonly referred to as Baby Boomer. Has anyone told these pencil-pushing, data-driven arbiters that the baseline has moved? I recently read this article linked below and found many of us are in no way ready for what is ahead when it comes to financial competency and acumen.

Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964)
With retirement on the horizon or already in progress, Baby Boomers are focused on maintaining their lifestyles in retirement. To get there they need a clear plan for how to afford living on a fixed income and an understanding of where and how their cash is invested. Financial advisors provide guidance on investment strategies, estate conservation and more. Health Savings Accounts and high-yield savings accounts can also help retirees make the most out of their retirement with beneficial rates.

Baby Boomers to Gen-Z, financial literacy helps people to navigate life’s changes

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