Who is Ronald M. Allen?

Managing Change has grown out of a need to provide a human touch to the business side of operations. We have taken the following elements and redefined what is the real wealth of a business.

As much as we talk about the entity, that is the business, it is the ‘cogs’, people that give its market value, breath. By engaging the client facing employee from the start of a project we ensure the highest level of adoption, usage and retention given the specific project undertaking. We simply subscribe to supporting the people side of change.


When partnering with small and large entities alike, having the long term perspective of the firms we work with built into our processes, having such an instrument in place addresses their concerns before they come about.

Code of Conduct:

Securing our federal, state and industry specific certifications vets out the question of how we intend to do business. Drafting a document is one thing, meeting various agency standards is where the rubber meets the road. Managing Change, LLC is proud to be certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Cert # 67001-10, and soon to be a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE). Both requiring substantial review by Federal, State and local authorities while being recognized by still many more.

Community Education:

For the past three years we have invested in bringing business leaders, immigrant entrepreneurs and community stake holders to share with the business community at large what it takes to create, develop and maintain a business. These are the tenets that move dreams, into reality and open doors for those that do not know a way. Philanthropic engagement…it is the stuff that dreams come from and are realized.

A Global Perspective over Time:

There have been many change agents over time. Managing Change has read about the academic practitioner and their methodologies. The political purveyor of ideologies and the testimonials of those that profese their faith. One aspect is common throughout. What we leave behind. Our mission is to improve the lives of those we help, support and guide during times of personal and professional change. Through our eclectic approach that is inclusionary, our goal is that the people we work with are left better off and with more resources to improve their businesses.

Managing Change, LLC provides consultative service for the Financial, Retail and Mortgage Banking industries. Patient and family care communications improvement for the Healthcare community. Additional industries served are Retail Merchandising and Hardware, Telecommunications and Customer Service industries.

Published Works


  • Ron Allen was a great instructor. He did a great job considering the technology issues. He always took time with us individually to get us familiar with the systems.
    Sprint new hirer trainee
  • Mr. Allen is responsive to the group’s dynamics! He presented the course material in a way that was interesting and easy to learn.

    Jeffrey Jones, Passaic County College, Adult Education
  • Mr. Allen was consistently reliable, responsible, and professional in all his dealings with me during our organizational training and presentation programs.

    Beverly Riddick – Executive Director HomeCorp, Montclair, New Jersey
  • Ronald M. Allen’s “13 Steps to Positive Change” is a novel that is destined to be a refreshingly new perspective on managing change in your life. If you are seeking a paradigm shift that allows you to physically and mentally manage situations that lead to more opportunities, you need to read Ronald’s mini masterpiece. You will gain insightful awareness that you can use to prepare for those greater opportunities that await you. As Ronald says, “the future belongs to those that change to meet it.” Buy his book now and prepare for your tomorrow. Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator www.TheMasterNegotiator.com
    Greg Williams
    The Master Negotiator
  • Hire him…before he gets away! Knowledgeable, Friendly demeanor, professional, Open and friendly, sensitive to the groups needs. Tammy Battisby, Essex County College
    Tammy Battisby
    Essex County College
  • "It was indeed a pleasure to interview such an interesting and distinguished guest. Please accept this as an open invitation to return on the program for a follow-up discussion". “The Church, the Community and Affordable Housing Broadcast on Radios WIBG, WDAS & WZZD
    The Church, the Community and Affordable Housing
    The Church, the Community and Affordable Housing Broadcast on Radio
  • "However, after speaking with Ronald Allen ... I'm convinced that this program can become an effective practical tool... in New Jersey, especially with his technical support and training". Chris Mazauskus, Housing Director Perth Amboy
    Chris Mazauskus, Director
    Chris Mazauskus, Housing Director Perth Amboy, NJ
  • "The amount of information and his point of view…in critical thinking". "The depth of the instructors knowledge of the subject". "The simple idea of getting to know about options". America’s First Mortgage
    Alan Weinberg, President/Owner
    America’s First Mortgage
  • Thank you Ronald for introducing a truly new perspective on managing change for our 30+ attendees at the Middlesex Jersey Job Club, Jobseekers. The feedback we received on your presentation, and as it was noted, “the highly interactive program”, was truly great. We would love to have you back again as both our schedule and your availability permits. I would like to offer you the opportunity to work with our other divisions. I believe they would certainly benefit from this engaging and thought provoking interaction. I believe that you have made a significant difference in the opportunities that many of the attendees now hold as possibilities for gainful employment. You have crafted your talk in such a way as to transfer the ideas, methodologies and most importantly, action steps, to move our people from one of hesitation and, in some cases fear, into taking action. You have a way of working with people that challenges them face to face and acknowledging that their individual needs are addressed—a most stimulating mix for impacting change. Thank you for your time, your support and sincere commitment to helping others to help themselves.
    Nina Rios-Rivera, Deputy Director - Office of Workforce Dev. & Workforce Dev.Bd. (fka WIB) /Bus. Dev. Mgr./Attorney
    Middlesex County, New Jersey Job Club
  • It was a pleasure having you present to our students. Your May 11, 2017 presentation to the students on Mapping Your Mind 4 Success was just what we were looking for. I appreciate the time spent beforehand listening to our needs and understanding the nature of our department and how we operate. That allowed you to speak to our student’s needs and customizing it accordingly.
    Cathren Hagen-Smith, Senior Special Programs Director, Workforce Training Workforce Development and Community Education
    Delaware Technical Community College


Business Consulting

The greatest assets your business holds is that of the contributions made by employees. By applying the disciplines of Change Management, incorporating and enhancing human capital in the appropriate way, your business will have another tool upon which to build a winning environment.

I am uniquely positioned to help your firm, your organization build internal competency in change management. As an authority on the human side of Change Management I employ a methodology that engages and involves the key element in any change initiative, people.

Drawing from 650 project leaders and change management practitioners representing organizations from 62 countries, you will avoid costly mistakes and lost interests of key personnel as I share with you what works.


Coaching / Mentoring

Professional coaching brings many wonderful benefits: fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence. Those who undertake coaching also can expect appreciable improvement in productivity, satisfaction with life and work, and the attainment of relevant goals.

The main focus of my Personal Coaching is to teach small-business owners and business executives how to identify and optimize their existing skills. Find those latent abilities and assets you may have overlooked for years!

Mentoring is a very successful way for any individual to receive practical help with they have lost sight of their focus, direction, or goals in life and/or career. Mentoring is simply a positive, constructive relationship focused on helping individuals get the very best out of themselves and their life!


Keynote Speaking & Workshops

I have a deep understanding of the human condition and how our journey through life can be affected by circumstances that may seem impossible to change. I take each audience member through the steps needed to increase self-esteem and take control of their own personal improvement. This facilitates self-growth and, from an employer’s point of view, is a great way to motivate your staff by providing results-oriented support for employees..

Management leadership that shows its care and support for employees has been shown in many workplace studies to improve employee performance greatly and significantly boost retention rates. Employee leadership training is an incredibly cost-effective way to train attendees on how to be a solid source of guidance and support to those around them.



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